The Bell Telephone Company of Pennsylvania sign

Today several signs were mounted in and outside of the museum. Something interesting was discovered while mounting a Bell Telephone Company of Pennsylvania sign.

The old 1964 Bell System logo was covered with the 1969 Bell System logo. The replacement  1969 Bell System logo has now been mounted above the sign. You can see the mounting holes in the sign were the replacement logo was mounted. It must have been a lot cheaper to create covers for the old logo than create more signs.

The sign is a very heavy one that has been cast in bronze.

The Bell Telephone Company of Pennsylvania sign

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  1. I started working for Bell of Pa in March of 1968 and thru a couple of company name changes I retired early from now named Verizon in Sept 2005.GREAT JOB .All the people I worked with from my first job as Office helper,mail room ,Splicers helper,Frameman,and my last title of Switching Equipment Tech.were all top notch.i Worked in the buildings you mentioned,thanks for the memories.

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