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Photo Exhibit: One Bell System. It works. “One hundred Years of Telephony in America” 1876 – 1976.

Historical photos from the AT&T Photo Center.

This collection of 100 photos was put together by the AT&T Photo Center in New York to commemorate “One hundred Years of Telephony in America” 1876 – 1976.
We have added the original captions that came with the collection of photos. We look forward to your comments, additions and corrections.

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13 thoughts on “AT&T Photo Exhibit”

  1. Remco, thanks for posting the pictures.

    The caption in picture 25 should probably read “Traffic Operators in the Chinatown Exchange in San Francisco”.

  2. Very nice presentation!

    I agree with your comment that picture 59 (560-type keyset) belongs in the 1950s – announced in 1955.

    Also, the CS Long Lines cable ship in picture 73 was launched in 1963. (Singing Wires, June 2016, page 3)

  3. Wonderful collection. I followed the technology from about age 5, on. Ended up working for PT&T from 1976 to 2001.

  4. Excellent! Thank you!

    BTW in the photo about lead cable you caption it “Western Electric cable plant. Women inspection of leader covered cable.” I thin you mean “lead-covered cable.”

    1. Thank you, I corrected the error.
      The error was in the original captions that came with the photos.

  5. I have always thought that first voice transmission quotation had been sanitized!

  6. These 81 photographs are incredable. Thank you for making them available to us. All of you at JKL are wonderful. Remco, special thanks !

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