The JKL Museum Wishlist:

We are looking for quality items from the following list:

  • Vought Berger pendulum phone handset.
Vought Berger pendelum phone
Vought Berger pendulum phone
  • British Telephone Box, restored with payphone
British Phone Box
British Phone Box
  • Charles William’s Coffin telephone
Charles William's Coffin Telephone
Charles William’s Coffin Telephone
  • Early American Bell or Western Electric 3 box telephone with a Blake transmitter, preferably marked
  • Western Electric long distance board

  • Call directors, old keys

  • Comkey 416 rotary faceplates
  • attachments
  • 584 panels for KTS
  • 415 461 KTS
  • 500 type tel set, 1949
  • Interphone, 2A
  • AUTOVON sets and parts
AUTOVON telephone
AUTOVON telephone
AUTOVON telephone dial
AUTOVON telephone dial
  • 10 button TT Telephones
  • 10 button TT Telephone face plates
  • Collections
  • G4 handsets, headrest type
  • Card dialers, multi-button, old keys

  • Other museum quality telephone sets or accessories

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