JKL Museum of Telephony News and Updates

Virtual Tour

We’ve added a virtual tour to our website. There is a link to the tour in the menu bar of the site but you can also click here to go to the tour.
Be sure to check out the info links and videos embedded in the tour.
More interactive elements will be added in the future.

We hope you will enjoy this virtual tour.

Automatic Electric Type 95 Panel Phones

We have put the final touch on our rotary dial AE panel phone by adding a paper mat. It took a while finding the right type of paper. It is not exactly the same as the original but the texture is very close and I think it looks pretty good.The touch tone version has an original mat.The last photo shows both AE type 95 panel phones on display at our museum.

  • AE Type 95 Panel Phones
    AE Type 95 Panel Phones

Stromberg Carlson XY Switch

Today we created a short YouTube video of our 200-line Stromberg Carlson XY Switch.

The  YouTube video shows the first testing of the system.

Here is some information about the Stromberg Carlson XY Switch:




New JKL Museum Home Page

Today, December 19, 2017 we updated the homepage of the JKL Museum of Telephony website.


We hope you will enjoy the new photos.


The photo gallery below shows some of our previous progress.

  • The entry hall with an antique oak double wall telephone booth.

Jane has arrived

Jane has arrived; the Audichron speaking clock complete with Jane Barbe’s voice, has been safely delivered and set up as of 7/17/2016.

The short clip below shows “Jane” at a temporary location. Jane’s phone number will be published at a later date.

Jane has arrived