JKL Museum of Telephony News and Updates

Stromberg Carlson XY Switch

Today we created a short YouTube video of our 200-line Stromberg Carlson XY Switch.

The  YouTube video shows the first testing of the system.

Here is some information about the Stromberg Carlson XY Switch:




New JKL Museum Home Page

Today, December 19, 2017 we updated the homepage of the JKL Museum of Telephony website.


We hope you will enjoy the new photos.


The photo gallery below shows some of our previous progress.

  • The entry hall with an antique oak double wall telephone booth.

Jane has arrived

Jane has arrived; the Audichron speaking clock complete with Jane Barbe’s voice, has been safely delivered and set up as of 7/17/2016.

The short clip below shows “Jane” at a temporary location. Jane’s phone number will be published at a later date.

Jane has arrived


Photo Exhibit [2] – additional photos available

Photo Exhibit [2]: One Bell System. It works. “One hundred Years of Telephony in America” 1876 – 1976.

We added 19 additional photos which we acquired recently. We hope you will enjoy these extra photos. There are now 100 photos in total.

Photo Exhibit: One Bell System. It works. “One hundred Years of Telephony in America” 1876 – 1976

Photo Exhibit: One Bell System. It works. “One hundred Years of Telephony in America” 1876 – 1976.

We recently acquired a set of 81 AT&T Photo Center photos. We hope you will enjoy this Photo Exhibit

Picturephone Model II Demo Video

We had a working demonstration of two Picturephone Model II at the Southern California Telephone Collectors Show on Saturday, March 19, 2016.

The video shows two working examples of the Model II Picturephones. They were setup to show the picture they took on their own screen. In the future we hope to be able to connect them together and maybe even make an actual video call. We are very pleased that Chris Brawner got these working after so many years.

We apologize for the first few minutes of the video not being in focus but hope that you will enjoy this little video.

Picturephone Model II Demo VideoPhoto source:
PDF of the May 1969 Bell Labs Record about the Western Electric PicturePhone Model II