Picturephone Model II Demo Video

We had a working demonstration of two Picturephone Model II at the Southern California Telephone Collectors Show on Saturday, March 19, 2016.

The video shows two working examples of the Model II Picturephones. They were setup to show the picture they took on their own screen. In the future we hope to be able to connect them together and maybe even make an actual video call. We are very pleased that Chris Brawner got these working after so many years.

We apologize for the first few minutes of the video not being in focus but hope that you will enjoy this little video.

Picturephone Model II Demo VideoPhoto source:
PDF of the May 1969 Bell Labs Record about the Western Electric PicturePhone Model II

Happy Birthday, Trimline!

Happy Birthday, Trimline! ??? Guess you just missed it too? According to Events in Telephone History by AT&T, August 2 1965, was when “Michigan Bell became the first company to sell Trimline phones on a companywide basis.”

Interested in reading more about the Trimline? Check out the upcoming August 2015 issue of the Telephone Collectors International publication Singing Wires Journal. It contains an article “From Butt Set to Beauty” The Trimline is 50 Years Old by Paul Fassbender.

The JKL Museum of Telephony collection contains many antique telephones and a few not so antique. There are several telephones in the JKL Museum collection that are related to the Trimline development.
You can check them out on our site in the virtual exhibit “Pre—production models, prototype, display telephones, and related objects.”

Look for the Demitasse, Schmoo, Contour, Trimline I, a golden Trimline and others.

Demitasse SchmooContour


You are also welcome to come and see them for yourselves at our telephone museum. Check out our homepage or use the contact option in the menu bar  to get in touch.

Also don’t forget to check out the Trimline page at Paul Fassbender’s site