Western Electric PicturePhone Model II

We thought you might enjoy this photo of the Western Electric PicturePhone Model II:

Western Electric PicturePhone Model II (June 1970)














“PICTUREPHONE┬« sets come rolling along conveyor belt toward final packaging at Western Electric’s Indianapolis plant. Most of Western Electric’s 19 plants funnel parts to Indianapolis for final assembly in preparation for the inaugural of PICTUREPHONE service on July 1 in Pittsburgh by the Bell Telephone Company of Pennsylvania.”

For more information about the Western Electric Picturesphones see:

  • http://www.beatriceco.com/bti/porticus/bell/telephones-picturephone.html
  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Videophone
  • http://www.corp.att.com/attlabs/reputation/timeline/70picture.html
  • http://long-lines.net/tech-equip/Picturephone/BLR0569/picturephone.pdf
    PDF of the May 1969 Bell Labs Record about the Western Electric PicturePhone Model II



GPO (BT) Vision of the Future

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