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  1. Not sure when you’re planning on rebuilding or what your current storage options are, but I have a lot (50+) of phones I’d like to donate if you have a way to get them from Saint Louis.

  2. John, Wayne, Remco and all, I am heartbroken as I read the sad news in the TCI newsletter a few minutes ago. Thankfully everyone survived, and JKL2 will live on.

  3. So sad to see any museum harmed by natural disasters, but so glad there has been no loss of life!
    I have a number of items I would be happy to donate…mainly publications such as The Transmitter publications from the late 30’s through the 40’s. Several books on the history of telecom, banners, etc. If someone reaches out when you are ready, they are yours!

  4. Folks, I am so sorry about all of the the lost rrasures, so glad to hear there is no lost life! That means there is power to rebuild. I am going thru my collection to see what I can donate! Perhaps you can set up an area of the site to list items, in, or coming in so we can avoid duplication.

    The whole telephone collection community is behind you!

    Sam Corcione
    Evanston, IL

  5. I saw the editorial Ms. Mumma did with John LaRue yesterday and my husband and I are retired telephone employees and have a lot of vintage telephones and equipment and would like to donate it to a new museum. I would like to talk to Mr. LaRue if he would contact me on an email I would appreciate it. Joanna

  6. I am so saddened buy your loss. I will also gladly contribute to the new museum so it again be the best telephone museum in the world.

  7. Through the great, though unpredictable, magic of the internet I somehow managed to stumble onto your website. None of my relatives has ever worked for a phone company but I felt drawn to thoroughly look at your website pages and am moved to write this little note. Should I find myself across the country and in California I definitely want to see your charming museum. I am so sorry to read of your museum’s loss and send to you the very best of wishes on your rebuild. ~Maureen O’Brien Placilla

  8. I am at a loss for words about your terrible loss. Though I’ve never met John or Wayne, they have helped me, as have others, with my collections of WE telephones. My wife & I are moving in the spring and will be downsizing. I know I need to get rid of some items. Donating to a new museum would be so much more exciting than trying to sell things off. I’ll be offering things in the near future. I hope knowing so many in the telephone collecting world feel heart broken. How would have loved to have seen it and one day we might. Be strong knowing so many support you!
    John Decker, Cleveland, OH TCI & ATCA

  9. John and Wayne, I was so glad to meet you guys on Sept 5 and so did enjoy your gracious hospitality in giving us a personal tour of your fabulous musium. Like wise I was deeply sickened to hear of your loss. Words cannot discribe the feelings that you might have seeing all your wounderful work go this way. Pleased that no one was hurt in the fire. Let me know if there is anything we might be able to do to help in the future. Looking forward to seeing the Phoenix rise.

  10. While I was spending time concerned about whether the fire would burn toward us, I completely forgot about the museum and residence there that you call the “cabin.” I know the time, energy and money you poured into the museum. What a tragic loss. For those of us who were fortunate to have visited, thank you.

  11. John, sorry to hear about the fire, glad to hear you plan to bounce back. When did the museum start up in the first place? BobB

  12. I am aghast! It is almost beyond my comprehension to learn this morning of the loss of the JKL Museum. Such a TREASURE. Having made two trips from Virginia to California to visit that marvelous facility, I am distressed to read this sad news. The good news is that there was some warning and Remco was able to escape, taking much of his possessions away from the path of the fire.

  13. Hi John and Wayne, so sorry to hear about the fire. If you guys need WECO stuff, I have it available for the asking. I was going to e-waste a lot of it but something kept me from doing it. Maybe this is the reason. I’m glad to hear that there were no injuries and that you were able to get some things out. You will be in our prayers.

    Jim & Patricia Decker

  14. Remco’s friends in S. CA who are all at their voluntary work site today are rejoicing. We have all been a very sad group over the loss of the museum and Remco’s home that we helped him furnish.

    Gary Goff

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