Code-Com Set

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Found this Bell System Code-Com Set. Do you know what it is?
It is actually pretty cool:

According to the BSP “This set provides a means of communicating over telephone lines for persons who
are handicapped through loss of hearing, speech, or sight.”

We wish it were it better shape but guess it will have to do for now. Let us if you have more information about this device or a nicer one to spare.

Code-Com Set

Code-Com Set

This early b&w Bell System News Features photo shows the Code-Com Set.

Code-Com Set
TOUCH-A-PHONE. This is the Code-Com set being developed by Bell Telephone Laboraties and Western Electric. The set, connected to a conventional telephone, will aloow the deaf-blind to “feel” phone messages in vibrations of a finger pad, and the deaf to “see” messages in coded flashes of light. The circular vibrating pad is on the left. Light flashes some from a recess (black rectangle) in the center of the raised portion of the set. The sending key, used like a telegraph key, is on the right.
Photo JE6910 — Touch-a-Phone — Bell System News Features

Advertising about the Code-Com Set can be found here.