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Thank You collector community and friends of the JKL Museum.  The outpouring of support we have received in this difficult time has been overwhelming.  It was a big loss for us and for telephone history and we are still reeling from it. As plans for the restoration of this historical collection unfold, we will keep you informed.
Your support is appreciated and valued by all of us.

John K. La Rue

The La Rue family wants and needs your help and assistance in restoring the collection for the benefit of all who are interested in the preservation of telephone history.

Our historical collection was destroyed by the northern California Butte fire on September 11, 2015. PG&E has taken responsibility for having caused this major loss of telephone history. After the initial shock wore off, we decided that to the best of our ability, we would rebuild the collection. It is a decision that has heartened and emboldened the museum friends and contributors who made the collection what it was. We are inviting you and your friends to help us make this happen. We believe it can once again be the very best resource and repository of antique telephone equipment, advertising, library material, real working telephone switching systems, and all else telephone. We are looking to replace these losses through donations of individual items or the donation of collections that current owners would like to see become a part of the new collection. We are seeking quality items to replace those lost in the fire.  We are ready to negotiate the donation process with any who wish to help us in our efforts to bring it back to life.

Contact us if you can help!

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+ 1 (209) 755-4949

Email Us at JKLcollection@jklmuseum.com

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